EastDell Estates Winery

EastDell Estates Winery

EastDell Estates Winery

Address: 4041 Locust Lane,
Beamsville, ON, L0R 1B2, Canada
Phone: (905) 563-9463
Fax: (905) 563-1241
Website: http://www.eastdell.com
Nestled atop the famed Niagara Escarpment on the Beamsville Bench, EastDell Estates enjoys a panoramic view of rolling vineyards with Lake Ontario and the Toronto skyline shimmering in the far distance.

The winery’s beautiful rustic facility houses a wine boutique and The VIEW Restaurant where visitors dine on delicious wine-country casual fare.

Two can dine at The VIEW with a bottle of wine for well under $100. A 5 km nature trail system invites guests to explore the lush property, vineyards and the Bruce Trail.
Wines Listing
Group the listing by:  Year  Sugar  Color  Type
Black Cab (click for more info...) $7.95
Cabernet Merlot (click for more info...) $14.85
Vidal Icewine (click for more info...) $39.95
Barrel-Fermented Chardonnay (click for more info...) $18.95
Red Cab (click for more info...) $12.85
Black Cab (click for more info...) $13.95
Summer Rose (click for more info...) $14.95
Pinot Noir (click for more info...) $14.95
Rinot Noir reserve (click for more info...) $21.95
Black Cab (click for more info...) $11.85
Cabernet Merlot (click for more info...) $54.95
Unoaked Chardonnay (click for more info...) $11.95
Sauvignon Blanc (click for more info...) $12.95
Winter Cherry (click for more info...) $5.95
Winter Apple (click for more info...) $5.95
Winter Peach (click for more info...) $5.95
Vanila Sherry (click for more info...) $9.95

All prices and rates subject to change without notice. Prices posted in Canadian Dollars.

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