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  • Choosing the right storage unit for your wine collection

It is undeniable that every wine collection, even a very small one, requires the right storage conditions. It is too easy to spoil great wine if the light, temperature and humidity are not right. There really is no substitute for the storage with the right conditions.

The temperature in the storage is one of the most important factors. The ideal temperature is between 50 and 55°F. If there are any fluctuations in the temperature, they must not be rapid. For example the seasonal fluctuation of temperature in the cellar occurs over a year and will not damage the wine. However, weekly and monthly temperature changes most likely will. By and large, as long as the temperature does not go too high and changes slowly, the wine will not suffer.

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  • Dishwashing equipment

What do you recon one of the most important features of a successful restaurant is? Quality of food is surely important as well as service. However, would you enjoy a really good food which has been gracefully served to you on a dirty plate alongside the dirty cutlery? Probably not. The lack of hygiene can not only spoil the experience, but also be dangerous for one’s health. Thus if you want your restaurant, café or eatery to prosper, make sure you use a reliable dishwashing equipment. There are a few important factors that you have to consider when choosing a commercial dishwasher for your business.

It is vital that you calculate the number of dishes to be washed. You have to mind that the volume is larger at peak hours. It is also wise to account for future growth, because the dishwasher is likely to serve you for at least 4-5 years. And it is important to understand that buying the dishwasher that is too big for your business will lead to unnecessary waste of water because the dish racks will be going through washing half empty.

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  • Bar equipment

Bar equipment and supplies are used both residentially and commercially and are essential for the operation of both top of the line luxurious restaurants, bars and small home bars. Bar equipment is used in home bars and usually include basic supplies of shakers, pourers and glasses that could easily be found in home bar kits.

If you thinking of opening your own bar be sure to supply it with the need amount of, pourers, ice-scoops, cocktail shakers, bottle openers and dispensers and different sets of glasses to fit each one of the drink you'll be serving.

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