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How much do you recon you know about food products native to Canada? For example, about the fish and seafood that has the highest quality standards in the world. Did you know that New Brunswick is a home for the largest potato processing company in the world or that Quebec can offer truly great cheeses? Well, here is your chance to find out if the answers are “No” and a chance to learn more even if the answers are “Yes”. The food products section at contains the information about food products in Canada which you might find interesting and useful. Take a look and we hope you are not going to be disappointed.

  • Fish and Seafood Products in Toronto (Canada)

In many large and busy cities of Canada Fish and Seafood products are widely used on the multi-cultural food market. Both nutritional and dietetic, fish and seafood products have become a popular choice for weight watchers, health conscious people and gourmet lovers. Delicious both as appetizers, main course and in soups and salads, fish and seafood products are a hot trend in restaurants around the different cuisines of Canada.

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  • Frozen Meals Canada

Frozen meals are a quick and tasty solution for many busy Canadians. In a hectic world where preparing your own food is a luxury, we often turn to a frozen mean solution to satisfy own hunger. Frozen Meals started to gain popularity in Canada and the US in the beginning of the 1970's where an increasing number of mothers devoted more time to working outside of the house and had less time to spend in the kitchen. It was and still is an easy and cost effective hot meal solution for singles, students and people on the go.

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  • Frozen French Fries

Frozen French Fries are an undivided part of the "fast food" dining experience not only in Canada and the US, but throughout the world. Although called "French Fries" this deep-fried potato dish is all American. Sometimes referred to as "chips" they come in many shapes and forms, however the classic French Fry is a long piece of potato fried in oil and usually served with chicken or meat. The first frozen French fry invented by the J.R. Simplot Company in the early 1950's. Since then, with the expansion of fast food restaurant franchises in North America and Canada, the Frozen French Fry became a superstar on many menus.

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(NC)—As the warmer weather sets in, so does our appetite for lighter fare and an increased energy level. Spring clean your health regime by treating yourself to wholesome lunch options and an active new lifestyle to get yourself back on track for the summer months. Here are three ways to get you started.
1. Re–introduce activity: After months of using the “it's cold out” excuse for not getting your 45 minutes a day, it is time to get back into the swing of things. Using your lunch break in the middle of the day to enjoy a brisk walk is a great way to get moving again.


Enhance your health with freshly grown herbs
(NC)—Did you know that one tablespoon of fresh oregano contains the same amount of antioxidants as a medium sized apple?
We know that antioxidants in our bodies are essential to good health. Many fruits and vegetables provide them, but research shows that fresh oregano is at the top of the list in antioxidant activity. Adding fresh herbs to your diet is an easy way to include significant amounts of antioxidants and increase the health value of a meal without adding extra calories–and you can easily grow them right in your own backyard garden or in containers on your patio or balcony.


Pare down your portions to trim down your waistline
(NC)—We live in a world where “mega, super and grande” sizes have become the norm. Many people use these plus–sized portions to validate their binge–eating habits. Some use over–consumption as a way to comfort emotional distress, others take the “see food” diet approach and always finish what's on their plate.
Here are a few tips I like to follow to ensure I am eating the proper portions.