Web Site Design

Food.ca offers completely customized Website Design solutions that put to use the most advanced and up-to-date technologies. State of the art solutions are crafted by our experienced professionals specifically tailored to your needs, style and industry standards. All of our websites are unique, designed from scratch using no templates and always tailored to meet and satisfy the client's needs.

SEO Friendly Web Design

Food.ca designs all websites with careful consideration of Search Engine Optimization to maximally improve your organic search engine rant.. Many other companies charge a lot of money for designs that do not comply with Search Engine Optimization requirements and create a "dead end" solution that has little internet presence. This causes substantial challenges in marketing your website and getting new people through it.

Traffic is the oxygen of your internet business and the most cost efficient marketing tool for any business. Please contact our professional team of experts for more information about SEO.

Content Management System

Need your website updated too often? No problem! After designing your website, Food.ca will give you the "key" to managing its content yourself. The Content Management system will allow you to make as many changes as you need, when you need them, easily and without any additional cost.

Internet Marketing

All of our websites are SEO (Search Engine Optimization) friendly and come with a FREE promotional package through Food.ca to kick-start the traffic flow to your website. For more information about our Internet Marketing click here

Domain Name and Hosting

Domain name registration and hosting is FREE for the first year for all of our Web Design clients. For more information about our Hosting Solutions click here

In today's world where internet is taking over the way we do business, a website is a lot more than just an attractive and informative digital media. Every company should strive to expand its internet presence by creating a set of services and interactive features available online.
Food.ca offers innovative and exciting web applications which are created by our skilled team of web programmers and designers. Great emphasis is put on quality, usability and cost effectiveness to ensure all of your goals are met.


We specialize in creating Newsletters and Email Marketing Engines, Dynamic Document Generations, Database Development and Support, CMS, Browser Friendly Websites, Small and Complex E-Commerce Solutions and Customized Applications.


E-Commerce solutions are our expertise. Our smart and easy-to-use internet catalogues allow your customers to make orders online, a feature that will save you time and operational costs, increase efficiency and website attractiveness.

Solutions greatly vary depending on company size and goals. You can either create a tailored e-commerce solution on your own website or take advantage of Food.ca's Shopping Cart. For a free consultation about the kind of solution that is right for you, please click here.

Food.ca offers flexible and professional services for all our clients tailored your their specific needs and budget. Choices of Technologies include UNIX, NT, PERL 5, PHP 4, MySQL, Java Script, SSI. Customized packages are available for mission critical tasks.  We guarantee our service and your satisfaction!

For more information about our variety of price and feature adjustable Hosting Solutions, please contact our Hosting Department here.

Your brand has the crucial role of defining your image and making it stick in the memory of those who you want to be your customers. In order to create a lasing impression, a solid and sharp image should be crafted with the target audience in mind, delivering a clear and precise message. Your brand should be appealing to those who have interest in your product and install brand recognition and loyalty which is the foundation of your business.    

Our company had deep insight to the world of branding and is sure to infuse your brand with the charisma and desirability that will bring you business. Specializing in Logo creation, Corporate Identity, Restaurant identity and promotional design, we work both with small businesses and corporate accounts, creating new or supporting existing campaigns, enhancing company image and more.  For a free consultation about Branding please click here.

We design and create Restaurant Menus, Product Catalogs, Business Cards, Flyers, Mail-Outs, Newsletters, Letterheads, Internet and Newspaper Ads, Direct Mailing pieces and other specialty Print Design. For more information about the Print Design services available, please click here to contact our Design Department.

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