Restaurants for Sale
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Nowadays Restaurants for sale is one of the most important markets for the real estate agents. Every restaurant that is being sold has a vast number of unique characteristics. They are the restaurant’s location, type and cuisine. Due to these characteristics no single restaurant can appeal to 100% of population. The owner has to pick a target group of the customers and see whether the target group is present in the local community. Thus the specific features of the restaurants have to be considered only in relation to the local population and never in isolation.

One has to understand that an Italian restaurant would be more profitable in the area where Italian population is dense. Restaurants with Italian cuisine are more likely to be successful in Quebec, where the percentage of Italian minority is higher than in other provinces. Similarly restaurants which offer food native to the Slavic nationalities might be successful in Alberta, because the proportion of immigrants from Eastern European countries and Russia is relatively high there. The same thing can be said about Indian restaurants in Great Toronto Area (GTA) and Chinese restaurants in British Columbia. However, these are general estimates. One has to study local as well as national trends.

By and large, to ensure that the restaurant is successful, one ought to know as much as possible about the local market. Restaurants are not only places where one can find quality ethnic food and try something new, but also a perfect break from cooking and washing up at home. As the demand for tasty and nutritious meals outside one’s home increases, new opportunities arise on the food-service market.

More and more singles, working parents and elderly people are willing to dine out. Despite this common desire, each of these groups has their specific demands as well. When considering buying a restaurant, it is important to understand that family-oriented restaurant in less likely to prosper in the business centre of the city. It has to be located in a quieter neighbourhood, where families live and like to stroll. Restaurants which are themed for kids and have a name that would be easy for kids to remember are likely to be profitable here as well.

Similar considerations have to me made about the socio-economic status of people who live in one particular area. It is logical to assume that a Michelin star French restaurant will prosper in the higher income areas, but not in the poorer areas of the city. In sum, when buying an established business, a buyer has to think about specific characteristics of the restaurant in relation to the characteristics of the local population:

                     • Type of cuisine offered
                     • Type of restaurant (fast-food, buffet, pizzeria etc.)
                     • Location
                     • Prices - It's all about food in Canada!
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