La Ferme Maury winery

La Ferme Maury winery

La Ferme Maury

Address: 2021 Route 475,
Saint-Edouard-De-Kent, NB, E4S 4W2, Canada
Phone: (506) 743-5347
Fax: (506) 743-5347
Serge Maury is New Brunswick's first true commercial grape winemaker. His fruit farm and vineyards are located in a sheltered microclimate just off the Northumberland Strait and close to the Bouctouche Dunes Ecological Preserve. Serge is originally from Paris, France, and 9 years ago he and his wife Denise Boucher purchased the dairy farm that is now their home. Serge planted his first vines in 1996; created his first wines in cooperation with Winegarden Estate; and has been selling his wines since April 2000. Cuvée St.- Édouard is his premier dry red wine, but they have 4 other fruit wines. La Ferme Maury was the first cooperative cottage winery in New Brunswick. The family also runs a thriving campground onsite

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