Choosing the right storage unit for the wine collection
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Wine Storage

It is undeniable that every wine collection, even a very small one, requires the right storage conditions. It is too easy to spoil great wine if the light, temperature and humidity are not right. There really is no substitute for the storage with the right conditions.

The temperature in the storage is one of the most important factors. The ideal temperature is between 50 and 55°F. If there are any fluctuations in the temperature, they must not be rapid. For example the seasonal fluctuation of temperature in the cellar occurs over a year and will not damage the wine. However, weekly and monthly temperature changes most likely will. By and large, as long as the temperature does not go too high and changes slowly, the wine will not suffer.

The ideal humidity in the storage place is 70%. However, if it stays within the range between 60% and 80%, it should be fine as well. If you have the too low, it may lead to drying and shrinking of the cork. This in turn might bring air into the bottle and ruin the wine. For the same reason majority of wines should be stored horizontally. The constant contact of wine with a cork will prevent the cork drying out. Finally, wine should be stored in the dark place. Ultraviolet has the damaging influence on the wine. Champagne is particularly susceptible to the effect of the ultraviolet.

In order to guarantee that conditions you store you wine in are right, the right storage unit has to be used. Perhaps the best option here is a wine cellar. If own one, you can just put each newly acquired bottle of wine on the rack, close the door and be sure that your wine is kept in the right conditions. Nowadays building a wine cellar in your basement is less tedious than you might think, but will probably cost you a bit. However, if you collection is relatively large and precious, a wine cellar is a worthy investment.

If your collection is not very large and contains from 100 to 1000 bottles, a wine cabinet will suffice. Buying a wine cabinet is surely less expensive than building a cellar. It looks very much like a regular cupboard, but it is equipped with systems to regulate temperature and humidity.

Just remember, whichever storing unit you choose, you must never overlook the importance of the correct storing conditions. Without the right storage you collection simply will not last long. - It's all about food in Canada!
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