Ceiling Tiles
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Ceiling Tiles

Ceiling tiles in Canada are commonly used for various applications:

First application is decorative and is usually installed in residential and commercial buildings. Decorative ceiling tiles are usually made of plastic material, plaster or metal and is installed using lay-in, gluing and/or nailing of the tiles to the ceiling.

Second application is industrial and it usually requires the tiles to be noise absorbing and sound proofing, therefore, it is made of more solid materials such as metal, rock wool, etc. The ceiling tiles could be applied separately or a part of a tailored ceiling system.

In food plants, ceiling systems are carefully planned to prevent contamination and adulation of food products. The ceiling tiles must be carefully selected and the ceiling system must be carefully engineered to not spoil the food products physically, chemically or microbiologically, to make them unsafe for human consumption.

If you are a food vendor looking to build a plant or a food storing facility, or already have such facility we advise you to make sure your ceiling system (as well as wall and flooring system) complies with the requirements for safe uncontaminated food handling. To learn more about the professionals who could help you do it *click here* or visit our Business to Business directory under "Food Consultants and Services" or call the below sponsor for more detail.
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