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WHAT WE OFFER and Inc. offers a national business network, which benefits both vendors and customers. You will have access to the best database which includes the list of companies that are currently on our website. This can provide valuable market intelligence that can help you identify opportunities for your business and keep aware of new trends.

Our website also allows an easy way to compare prices and quality amongst competitors which can help you formulate future strategies. On top of that, the database offers you potential customers. and Toronto 

By having your listing on our second website, we can help you increase your presence on the World Wide Web. This is essential given that that the internet has become the most popular medium for finding information in general. It is important to adapt to the shift in technology and trends in order to stay competitive. The high traffic we receive on our website is not only local but comes from all over Canada. When searching for food related keywords, holds the leading position in the world’s most popular search engines. This provides your business with continuous exposure to our visitors.

Business opportunities include the benefits of linking established companies to other businesses according to their needs. Another unique aspect of is the fact that we support emerging businesses by providing comprehensive and useful start-up information. directs its dedication towards both well-developed and new companies.

In addition we offer services such as special advertising programs, website design and e-commerce online development which have become essential for any business presence.


  • FOOD.CA is the name, which is easily recalled and distinctive.

  • An Online Delivery and Reservation Systems that will connect you with the famished people in your areas.

  • The complete and detailed information on companies associated with the food industry in Canada.

  • Represents a client's company in a way to help them extend and enhance their own business development and marketing functions.

  • Ease of navigation.

  • The largest database of listings across Canada with over 60,000 records of restaurants, food companies, wineries, etc.

  • Over 1,500,000 hits per month; which includes our regular visitors as well as visitors coming from Google, Yahoo, MSN and others various search engines.

  • Our user-friendly interface combined with our search engine that is based on a business model rather than on top paying customers.

  • Forum on food businesses.

  • A wealth of information that provides insights and interesting facts that covers all aspects of the food industry.


Canada Foodservice News (18,000 circulation)
Foodservice News is a major foodservice and hospitality newspaper. It focuses on the largest sector of today's industry; the mainstream foodservice and hospitality sector.

The Canadian Restaurant and Foodservices Association is one of the largest business associations in Canada. It represents restaurants, bars, cafeterias and social contract caterers. They also represent accommodations, entertainment and the institutional foodservice.

The Ontario Restaurant Hotel & Motel Association (ORHMA) is the largest provincial hospitality Association in Canada. With over 4,000 members, it represents more than 11,000 establishments across the province. The ORHMA is uniquely positioned to represent the issues that can impact the hotel and motel industry in a significant way.

Google, Yahoo, MSN is usually found at the top of the fist page for web search results. Our professional team has enhanced our website so we can be easily found on the major search engines for relevant keywords and phrases.

Articles and Newsletters
Every restaurant needs professional advice to stay on top of their business. is dedicated to providing you with professional advice from the industry's best through our numerous articles and newsletters. Some of our sources include the NPD Group and

The Wine Doctor
Our Site features articles by the Wine Doctor Himself. Edward Finstein is a popularly known wine connoisseur, writer/author, TV host, international wine judge, educator, and a gifted lecturer.

Natalie MacLean
Natalie is an internationally known wine writer, speaker and judge. She is also an accredited sommelier; she is a member of the National Capital Sommelier Guild, the Wine Writers Circle and several French wine societies. Her unswerving goal in life is to intimidate those crusty wine stewards at fine restaurants with her staggering knowledge.

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Enzymes are produced by our bodies and act on food in the small intestine, stomach or mouth. Food enzymes are found in raw foods, which come equipped with some of the enzymes needed for their own digestion. However, enzymes are heat–sensitive––so cooking and processing can destroy 100 per cent of the naturally occurring enzymes in food.