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As a national leader in the Food and Beverage informational portals, Food.ca receives extensive online support from a variety of unique targeted visitors. Our advertising partners enjoy outspread exposure that launches new or supports existing Marketing Campaigns.

Advertising with us
We provide both Content and Directory advertising, tailored to your company profile, industry and target market. Our advertising solutions are anything but static or dull. After we created the right solution for you, we make sure it is viewed by the right visitors and give you exact statistics of clicks and impressions.

Make your advertising searchable through the web
One of the best ways to attract attention to your company is make your advertising page available through Google (or other search engines) by visitors looking for your keywords. Your Company name will appear on the top search results in Google, in 9 out of 10 cases it will be on the first page! Imagine what being on the top search results will do to the growth of your business! For more information about how to make your company stand out above the rest click here. 

If a web page is not listed in the first pages of any search, the odds of someone finding it diminishes greatly (especially if there is other competition on the first page). Getting proper placement on search engines is as important as the web site itself.
There are two types of traffic that comes to your website. One is Organic Traffic which comes from unpaid listing at search engines or directories) and Paid Advertising Traffic.

Organic Traffic
In the case of Organic Traffic simply registering it with different search engines does not guarantee traffic, different effective tactics should be applied in order to ensure top ranking, those tactics are called Search Engine Optimization.  While many companies are offering this service, not many are knowledgeable enough. One of the first things to look at while selecting your SEO experts it THEIR website ranking among popular search engines (especially Google and Yahoo!), examining that will give you a clear picture of what results to expect.

Food.ca has more than 45,000 pages searchable with Google (June 2006). You can find us on the Top Search results for various key words, e.g Food Business Canada, Starting a Food Business in Canada, Food Delivery Toronto, Food Delivery Mississauga, Etobicoke Restaurants, GTA Restaurants and more.

Paid Advertising Traffic
Paid E-Marketing and advertising is a great way for a company to ensure traffic generation.  Again, with many options available on the market, expertise is needed to determine the correct solution for you. Food.ca analyzes your needs based on traffic requirements, target market, industry and budget and offers you intelligent solutions. Banner Advertising and Pay-per-click systems are available, as well as other well crafted opportunities.  For a free consultation about Traffic Generation and SEO click here.

Food.ca designs all websites with careful consideration of Search Engine Optimization to provide you with the highest rank your website is possible of getting. Many other companies charge a lot of money for designs that do not comply with Search Engine Optimization requirements and create a "dead end" solution that has little internet presence. This causes substantial challenges in marketing your website and getting new people through it.

Traffic is like oxygen for your website and the most cost efficient marketing tool for any type of business. For more information about Web Design and Traffic Generation contact our knowledgeable team of experts clicks here.

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