Halleluia Restaurant

Halleluia Restaurant

Halleluia Restaurant

Address: 870 Eglinton Ave,. West,
Toronto, ON, M6C 2B6, Canada
Phone: (416) 256-5650
Fax: (647) 438-6626
Website: http://www.halleluiarest.com
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Whether you have time only for a quick quality lunch or would like to relax and enjoy a wonderful dining experience, savoring the aromas and flavours of Middle East without leaving Toronto, then a visit to Halleluia is a must.

Food is made simple, healthy, and fresh. Guided by the rule of culinary standards all dishes are prepared in a simple, yet mouthwatering manner - capturing the true essence of Middle Eastern cuisine.

Halleluia Restaurant is suited for groups as large as 60 and our dedicated team have only one thing in mind when planning your party - making sure it is the best! We will make sure that your guests are well taken care of and as for you, the party organizer, we'll make you a star! To assist in your party planning, we've put together fixed-price party menus of our most popular menu items - from delicious appetizers to mouthwatering meals.

Online Menu
Online Menu
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Appetizers Cold
Baba Ganouge
Beets Salad
Combo salad
Eggplant Salad
Fried Eggplant
Hummus with Tahini
Mushroom Salad
Borsch (click for more info...)
Lagman (click for more info...)
Soup of the day
Appetizers Hot
Breaded Shrimp
Chebureky (1 Piece)
Chicken Wings (12 Pieces)
Falafel Plate (6 Falafel balls)
Grand Casino (click for more info...)
Samsa (1 piece) (click for more info...)
Caesar Salad Large
Caesar Salad Small
Chef's Salad Large
Chef's Salad Small
Chicken Caesar Salad
Greek Salad Large
Greek Salad Small
Israeli Salad Large
Israeli Salad Small
Sandwiches in a Pita
Chicken Breast
Kebob (Ground Beef & Lamb)
Veggie Sandwich
Main Dishes
Chicken Breast Shish Kebob
Chicken Schnitzel (click for more info...)
Chicken Shish Kebob
Fahitos (click for more info...)
Kebob (click for more info...)
Lamb Chops (click for more info...)
Lamb Shish Kebob (click for more info...)
Manti National Uzbekian Cuisine (click for more info...)
New Mexico (click for more info...)
New York Steak 12oz(340gr) (click for more info...)
Pilav - National Uzbekian Cuisine (click for more info...)
Rack of Lamb (click for more info...)
Rib Eye Steak (click for more info...)
Rib Steak 16oz (454gr) (click for more info...)
Shawarma (click for more info...)
Kids Corner
Chicken Fingers (click for more info...)
Home Burger (click for more info...)
Home Chi (click for more info...)
Fish & Chips (2 Pieces) (click for more info...)
Rainbow Trout (click for more info...)
Salmon Shish Kebob (click for more info...)
Salmon Steak (click for more info...)
Sea Bass (click for more info...)
Telapia (click for more info...)
Side Orders
French Fries
Home made Potato's
Onion Rings
Sauteed Vegetables
Slow Rice

All prices and rates subject to change without notice. Prices posted in Canadian Dollars.

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