Maroli Restaurant

Maroli Restaurant

Maroli Restaurant

Address: 630 Bloor Street West,
Toronto, ON, M6G 1K7, Canada
Phone: 416-483-5393
Fax: 416-483-5393
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With aromatic delicacies from the kitchen, Maroli offers the most authentic Indian and Malabari dishes. recipes combine familiar and harmonic tastes with fresh elements to create an extraordinary gourmet experience. The ingredients used are subject to the most stringent quality control.Maroli promotes a culture of honesty and authentic Cuisine, aiming to combine authentic Indian and Malabari quality and reliability with international openness and flair, while remaining open to new dishes. Maroli is dedicated to real taste and satisfaction through authenticity on a daily basis.
Online Menu
Online Menu
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Beef Syrian (click for more info...)
Butter Chicken (click for more info...)
Chicken Biriyani (click for more info...)
Chicken Curry (click for more info...)
Kheema Mutter (click for more info...)
Malabar Chicken (click for more info...)
Palak Paneer (click for more info...)
Shish Kebob (click for more info...)
Shrimp Biriyani (click for more info...)
Shrimp Malabari (click for more info...)
Tandoori Chicken Tikka (click for more info...)
Tikka Masala (click for more info...)
Vegetarian Menu
Butter Paneer (click for more info...)
Channa Masala (click for more info...)
Dal Fry ( Lentil Curry) (click for more info...)
Mixed Vegetable Curry (click for more info...)
Saag Paneer (click for more info...)
Vegetable Biriyani (click for more info...)
Gulab Jamun (click for more info...)
Rasagulla (click for more info...)
Malabari Roti (click for more info...)
Pilau Rice (click for more info...)
Raita (click for more info...)
Potato and Peas Wrap (click for more info...)
Samosa (Beef / Vegetable) (click for more info...)
Vegetable Wrap (click for more info...)

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