Toronto Restaurants
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Toronto Restaurants

Food is so universal that we crave for different things at different times. We all have our own favourites when it comes to food. We like certain things one way and something else another way. We apply the same principles t o restaurants and we are picky when we have to decide where to eat and what to eat. At we are trying to answer that question by listing details on the restaurants, menu, location, cuisine, map, payment types accepted and many other equally important facts.

Toronto Restaurants is one of the most popular searches on Feel free to browse through our restaurants directory and find something to eat. Our website provides complete information related to dining in Toronto and food delivery in Toronto or GTA. Dining in Toronto has many advantages. Because we live in an ethnically diverse city, Toronto Restaurants consists of Italian Toronto Restaurants, Indian Toronto Restaurants, Mexican Toronto Restaurants, Thai Toronto Restaurants, Chinese Toronto Restaurants, Japanese (Sushi) Toronto Restaurants, French Toronto Restaurants, and the list goes on. There is something for everyone, regardless of taste, age, gender, nationality or budget! If you want the Restaurants in Toronto to deliver to your front door, just hop on to our food delivery website and we will make it easy to dine in Toronto. Since is based in Toronto, we definitely know how wonderful it is to dine in Toronto Restaurants and we suggest a list of featured restaurants in Toronto for you to look at.

Find all you need! We provide you complete information about each of our restaurants in Toronto and Canada, including: address, hours of operation, menu, map, catering, and food delivery availability etc. This page includes a current menu and images for you to view and find out more about the restaurants. Some restaurants also have a virtual tour so you can actually experience their restaurant before you dine.

We hope you will enjoy browsing these Restaurants and check them out at your first available opportunity. Have fun, try some new cuisine's and Bon appetite!

How to choose a good restaurant

How to Choose a Good Restaurant

Undoubtedly, when choosing a restaurant to go to one has to consider an occasion and a company. The restaurant where you have a family dinner is likely to differ from the restaurant where you hold a business lunch or a loud party with a group of friends. However, there is still a set of features which are important in any situation.

One of them is the cleanliness and hygiene of the place. This includes everything from the dining area and cutlery to the kitchen facilities and toilets. Lack of hygiene can not only spoil the experience, but also be dangerous for one’s health. The second feature which always contributes to one’s impression about the restaurant is the quality of service no matter what the occasion and the company is. Impolite, unfriendly and unhelpful staff may affect the decision to come back to the restaurant even if other features were satisfactory. Overall, good restaurants tend to have high quality of both service and hygiene.

Tipping in Restaurants

Tipping in Restaurants

To tip or not to tip, that is the question! More importantly, how much to tip, is the dilemma. Aside from ordering wine in a restaurant, the tipping phenomenon, for the average diner, creates the most tension, intimidation and insecurity. Philosophically speaking, is a tip a right or a privilege? Most North American restaurants consider a tip as discretionary (up to the diner).

European establishments automatically add a tip to the final bill. There are even parts of the far east where tipping is illegal and in bad taste. So what to do? Tip too little and you look cheap. Tip too much and you appear an easy touch. Following are the Wine Doctor's criteria, thoughts and guidelines on tipping.

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