Back Alley Woodfire BBQ & Grill Restaurant

Back Alley Woodfire BBQ & Grill Restaurant

Back Alley Woodfire BBQ & Grill

Address: 188 Augusta Avenue,
Toronto, ON, M5T 2L6, Canada
Phone: (416) 979-5557
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In the beginning, there was fire. Then somebody tossed a hunk of antelope into the embers, and, lo, there was barbecue.

Nowadays, if you wander through the back alleys of the BBQ meccas of the world, you'll will find the best BBQ joints hidden away doing their smoky flavor-empowering rituals of grilling, smoking, roasting and baking, all in traditional wood-fired ovens. We at BackAlley Woodfire BBQ & Grill also cook in this time-honored way, using well-seasoned Canadian hardwood, such as maple and oak, to infuse the food with a natural wood smoke tang.

BackAlley has been inspired by the many cultures, past and present, that have used woodfires for cooking, and we seek to unite their food traditions to bring you a new way of eating. Our menu looks to the countries along the Silk Road, where so many great BBQ dishes originated thousands of years ago.

The Silk Road connected Ancient China’s capital city, Xian, to ancient Rome-a 5,000-mile journey through Central Asia and the Middle East. Not only were spices and goods exchanged between the East and West, but also religions, cultures and most important to our philosophy, FOODS. The food found on the Silk Road incorporate diverse flavors and cultural blends. Recipes moved in both directions, and it was along this route that the Chinese noodles traveled to become Italian Pasta and where mezze, kebabs, flatbreads and pit-roasting were omnipresent, albeit under a vast array of names.

Kensington Market is a cultural microcosm of Toronto, with many ethnic groups living their unique lifestyles through foods, clothing, music and arts. Not only does the Market allow us to buy fresh local ingredients just-in-time, but it is itself a crossroad of mixed food tastes reflecting the many Silk Road cuisines.

At BackAlley, we blend past and present, Silk Road and Toronto. Our woodfire ovens are the focus of our quest fot the ultimate in authentic BBQ taste, and we believe that you will find them as welll as our simple cooking style unique and memorable.

We have just begun the journey. Join us!
Online Menu
Online Menu
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Woodfire Grill Oven – Steaks, Ribs & Chops
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Seafood Grill
Atlantic Cod Filet In Black Bean Sauce
Salmon Filet With Roasted Pepper Dill Butter
Shrimp & Cuttlefish In Lemon Garlic Sauce
Tiger Shrimp In Ginger Garlic Sauce
Woodfire Rotisserie Pit Oven
Bbq Pork Side Ribs, Roast Chicken (click for more info...)
Each Additional Rib, Roast Chicken (click for more info...)
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Roast Chicken -Quarter Breast
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Woodfire Grill Oven – Kebabs
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