Sky Dragon Chinese Restaurant

Sky Dragon Chinese Restaurant

Sky Dragon Chinese Restaurant

Address: 280 Spadina Avenue,
Toronto, ON, M5T 3A5, Canada
Phone: (416) 408-4999
Fax: N/A
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Chicken Dishes
Almond Soo Guy
Chicken Chop Suey
Curry Chicken
Deep Fired Crispy Chicken (Half)
Diced Chicken with Cashew Nut
Fried Chicken with Lemon Sauce
Hunam Chicken
Mandarin Orange Chicken (Half)
Sliced Chicken with Black Bean
Sliced Chicken with Snow Pea
Sweet and Sour Chicken Ball
Baked Shrimp with Chili in Shell
Braised Spicy Bean Curd (click for more info...)
Diced Chicken with Cashew Nuts (click for more info...)
Fried Shrimps Szechuan style
Sauteed Shrimps with Cashew Nuts (click for more info...)
Barbecued Pork
Crispy Spring Roll
Deep Fried Crab Claw
Deep Fried Wings (6 pieces)
Deep Fried Wonton (8 pieces)
Roasted Duck
Vegetarian Spring Roll
Beef or Pork Dishes
Beef Chop Suey
Beef Tenderloin with Black Pepper
Chinese Style Beef Tenderloin
Diced Pork with Cashew Nut
Fried Pork Ribs with Garlic
Honey Garlic Spare Ribs
Hunam Beef
Pork Chop with Chef's sauce
Sliced Beef with Broccoli
Sliced Beef with Ginger and Onion
Sliced Beef with Oyster Sauce
Sliced Beef with Pepper and Black Bean
Sweet and Sour Pork
Chow Mein and Chop Suey
Beef Chow Mein
Cantonese Chow Mein
Chop Suey (Pork, Beef, Chicken)
Seafood Chow Mein
Shredded Pork Chow Mein
Vegetarian Chop Suey
Vegetarian Chow Mein
Rice and Noodle Dishes
Beef Fried Rice
Chicken Fried Rice
Mushroom Fried Rice
Plain Fried Rice
Rice Noodle with Beef
Rice Noodle with Pork
Shrimp Fried Rice
Singapore Style Fried Noodle
Singapore Style Fried Vermicelli
Steamed Rice
Vegetable Fried Rice
Vegetables and Tofu
Braised Broccoli with Garlic
Braised Egg Plant with Garlic
Chinese Broccoli with Garlic
Diced Tofu with Meat and Spicy Sauce
Pan Fried Bean Szechuan Style
Pan Fried Mixed Vegetable
Sauteed Fresh Garden Vegetable
Straw Mushrooms with Crab Meat
Tofu with Assorted Meat and Seafood
Chicken and Sweet Corn Soup
Hot and Sour Soup
Minced Beef and Egg Drop Soup
Seafood and Bean Curd Soup
Wonton Soup with BBQ Pork
Dinner Combination
Dinner for Four (click for more info...)
Dinner for Three (click for more info...)
Dinner for Two (click for more info...)
Seafood Entrees
Mixed seafood with vegetable
Scallops with snow peas
Shrimp with cashew nuts
Shrimp with lobster sauce
Shrimp with vegetable

All prices and rates subject to change without notice. Prices posted in Canadian Dollars.

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