Purple Rice Restaurant

Purple Rice Restaurant

Purple Rice

Address: 4907 Yonge Street N,
North York, ON, M2N 5N4, Canada
Phone: (416) 894-8028
Fax: N/A
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Online Menu
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Rice Dishes
Bangkok Local Fried Rice
Curry Fried Rice With Chicken Or Beef Or Pork
Egg Fried Rice
Fried Rice (click for more info...)
Indonesian Fried Rice
Mixed Seafood Fried Rice
Mushroom Fried Rice
Pineapple Fried Rice
Purple Fried Rice (click for more info...)
Shrimps Fried Rice
Steamed Rice
Vegetable Fried Rice
Young Chow Fried Rice
Appetizers and Spare Ribs
Bbq Pork Slices
Chicken Or Beef Satay Skewers
Crab Cakes
Deep Fried Chicken Wings
Dry Garlic Spareribs
Egg Roll
Fresh Mango Roll
Fresh Mango Salad
Fried Calamari
Honey Garlic Spareribs
Pan Fried Dumplings
Shrimp Rolls
Spring Roll
Vietnamese Cold Spring Roll
Beef or Pork Dishes
Beef Or Pork With Broccoli
Beef Or Pork With Mixed Vegetable
Beef Or Pork With Mushrooms
Beef Or Pork With Snow Peas
Beef Or Pork With Vegetable& Almonds
Chef's Special
Beef With Ginger & Green Onion (click for more info...)
Black Bean Mussels (click for more info...)
Black Bean Sea Bass (click for more info...)
Cantonese Style Sweet-Sour Pork With Pineapple (click for more info...)
Orange Chicken Or Beef (click for more info...)
Purple Basil Mussels (click for more info...)
Sesame Chicken (click for more info...)
Sesame Shrimps (click for more info...)
Spicy Fried Soft Shell Crab (click for more info...)
Teriyaki Chicken Or Beef (click for more info...)
Thai Chili Duck (click for more info...)
Thai Spicy Mussels
Vietnamese Grilled Chicken (click for more info...)
Wok Fried Dishes
Black Bean Chicken Or Beef (click for more info...)
General Tao Chicken (click for more info...)
Hunan Beef (click for more info...)
King Po Chicken
Lemongrass Shrimps (click for more info...)
Oyster Beef Or Chicken (click for more info...)
Purple Eggplant Delight (click for more info...)
Satay Chicken Or Beef (click for more info...)
Satay Shrimps (click for more info...)
Shiitake Mushroom Beef (click for more info...)
Spicy Peanut Chicken Or Beef (click for more info...)
Szechuan Chicken Or Beef (click for more info...)
Thai Basil Chicken Or Beef (click for more info...)
Thai Chili Chicken (click for more info...)
Seafood Entrees
Breaded Scallops
Breaded Shrimps
Mixed Seafood With Mixed Vegetable
Scallops With Mixed Vegetable
Shrimps In Lobster Sauce
Shrimps With Cashews
Shrimps With Mixed Vegetable
Fried Noodles
Cantonese Chow Mein
Chicken Or Beef (click for more info...)
Chicken Or Beef Or Pork Cantonese Chow Mein
Dry-Fried Beef Ho Fun
Indonesian Fried Egg Noodle
Japanese Fried Seafood Udon
Mixed Seafood Cantonese Chow Mein
Pad Thai
Satay Pad Thai
Shanghai Noodle
Shrimp Cantonese Chow Mein
Singapore Fried Vermicelli
Singapore Style Ho Fun-Fried
Szechuan Chicken Or Beef Fried Ho Fun
Thai Spicy Fried Ho Fun
Vietnamese Warm Vermicelli (click for more info...)
Chicken Dishes
Chicken With Broccoli
Chicken With Mixed Vegetable
Chicken With Mushrooms
Chicken With Snow Peas
Chicken With Vegetable& Almonds
Lemon Chicken
Creamy Corn Soup With Crab Meat & Egg
Hot & Sour Soup
Mixed Vegetable Soup
Tom Yum Gai Soup
Tom Yum Goong Soup
Wonton Soup With Bbq Pork
Authentic South East Asian Curries
Curry Chicken Or Beef Or Pork
Curry Chicken Wings
Curry Shrimps
Indonesian Dry Curry Beef (click for more info...)
Thai Mild Green Curry With Chicken Or Beef
Thai Mild Green Curry With Tiger Shrimps
Thai Red Curry With Chicken Or Beef
Thai Red Curry With Tiger Shrimps
Szechuan Specialities
Spicy Fried Scallops
Spicy Fried Squid
Szechuan Scallops
Szechuan Shrimps
Szechuan Tofu
Vegetarian Menu
Spicy Yu Hong Broccoli
Stir-Fried Bok Choi (click for more info...)
Stir-Fried Broccoli (click for more info...)
Stir Fried Mixed Vegetable
Stir-Fried Snowpeas (click for more info...)
Tofu W/Mixed Vegetable
Vegetable Cantonese Chow Mein
Vegetarian Purple Eggplant Delight
Vegetarian Spicy Yu Hong Eggplant
Sweet and Sour
Sweet & Sour Breaded Shrimps
Sweet & Sour Chicken Balls
Sweet & Sour Scallops
Sweet & Sour Spareribs
Sweet & Sour Wonton

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