Parliament Pub Restaurant

Parliament Pub Restaurant

Parliament Pub

Address: 101 Sparks St.,
Ottawa, ON, K1P 5B5, Canada
Phone: (613) 563-0636
Fax: (613) 688-1994
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Located directly opposite the Peace Tower, the Parliament Pub is an inviting spot where good food, fine beverages, and good conversation are sure to be had.
Online Menu
Online Menu
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BevilacquaS Pesto Pizza (click for more info...)
Parliament Pizza (click for more info...)
Roasted Vegetable Pizza (click for more info...)
Bill GrahamS Roasted Portobello Mushrooms (click for more info...)
David PrattS Bunker Buster Tandoori Chicken (click for more info...)
Dennis Mills Danforth Greek Salad (click for more info...)
Johnny Crouton Caesar Salad (click for more info...)
Stephen HarperS Mixed Baby Greens (click for more info...)
Bloc Quebecois Smoked Chicken Quesidilla (click for more info...)
Canadian Alliance Smoked Salmon Sandwich (click for more info...)
Don BoudriaS Voodoo Chicken Sandwich (click for more info...)
John GodfreyS Guantonimo Bay Blt Wrap (click for more info...)
Paul Martin Roma Tomato Bruschetta (click for more info...)
Peter MackayS Philly Melt Sandwich (click for more info...)
Stan DromiskyS Roasted Vegetable WrapThe Stan (click for more info...)
The Jack Layton Coalition Of The Unwilling Chicken Caesar Wrap (click for more info...)
Myron ThompsonS Quiche Of The Day (click for more info...)
Stockwell S Pasta Of The Day (click for more info...)
Scott Brison Crème Brulée
Senators Soup Of The Day (click for more info...)

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