Chutneys Restaurant

Chutneys Restaurant


Address: 3077 Bloor Street West,
Etobicoke, ON, M8X 1C7, Canada
Phone: (416) 231-9655
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Chutneys, a fresh or cooked relish from the cuisine of India. The art of making chutneys dates back hundreds of years.

A Chutneys is usually eaten in small amounts to add flavor and to accent a meal. It is customarily ground fresh on grinding stone and is made fresh daily.

At Chutneys, you can enjoy those same traditional Indian Chutneys with our delicacies, specially cooked North Indian dishes made with the finest spices, in a cozy and romantic atmosphere.
Online Menu
Online Menu
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Vegetarian Menu
Aloo Bbhi Masala
Aloo Mutter
Bhindi Do-Piaza
Channa Masala
Daal Tarka
Eggplant Patiala
Mutter Panner
Saag Aloo
Vegetable Corrna
Aromatic Meat - Beef
Beef Bhuna
Beef Vindaloo
Chicken Curry
Saag Beef
Aromatic Meat - Chicken
Butter Chicken Special
Chicken Camasutra
Chicken Tikka Masala
Chicken Vindaloo
Murgh Khas Avadh
Saad Chicken
Indian Breads
Cheese Naan
Laccha Paratha
Plain Naan
Tandori Roti
With Garlic
Chicken Pacoras
Daal Soup
Kastoori Paneer
Mango Chutney
Mulligatanwny Soup
Raita Dahi
Raita Royal
Vegetable Samosas
Chutneys Signature Biryanies & Dulaos
Dum Pukht Birani
Hyderrabadi Subz Biryani
Mutter Pulao
Steamed Rice
Treasures Of The Sea
Goat Fish Curry
Macher Jhol
Pan Roasted Scallops
Seafood Curry
Shrimp Masala
Aromatic Meat - Lamb
Lamb Corma
Lamb Shank Rajasthani
Rogan Josh

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